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"Today is our (big) little boy Theo’s last day at your centre. We just wanted to write this note in appreciation of all the love, care and attention you have given our little man. We cannot express the gratitude we feel towards you all and we hope you know what amazing work you put in every day with the kids – and especially our little man. As first-time parents, we were overwhelmed with the challenge of finding somewhere to look after Theo with Robyn’s return to work. Especially with our slightly alternative desire to use cloth nappies and Theo’s dietary requirements. We had looked at several places before looking at Uptown Kids, but to be honest there was no competition. As soon as we entered Uptown Kids it was like we were home. Sharlene, the way you just welcomed us in with open arms, answered all our questions before we even asked them (and we had plenty to ask! Lol) and made us feel at ease and that nothing was too much to ask is just what we needed to hear. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and with the Whanau at Uptown Kids that couldn’t be truer. Theo has thrived, developed and you have all helped shape him into the beautiful, confident and caring boy he is today. And for that we will be forever grateful! On a personal note to each of you: Sharlene – You are the heart and soul of Uptown Kids. You guide the place with love and empathy, and we are so grateful that you received the best treatment because we couldn’t have imagined the place without you. Thank you for all that you are and do. Nicola – Thank you for everything. Sharing the journey with you and Jordan these past few years has been amazing, your ‘real’ conversations have really helped us. You did an incredible job steadying the ship in Sharlene absence, and we thank you for everything. Vina – We know you and Theo share a special bond. Thank you for being the kind and gentle soul that let Theo be his authentic self. We also really value the time you spent with Theo sharing your culture and language with him. 謝謝 Jess – Thank you for being that firm guiding hand at times for Theo. We truly believe as a family that both love and respect are important, and we know you were instrumental in him learning that. Thank you for the time he got to spend with your children, and for sharing your culture and language too. 謝謝 Grace – Thank you for being that loving mother figure at Uptown Kids. Thank you for showing your aroha every day through the food you prepare and even just the simple act of making sure our boy was sun smart every day. We will miss your cheerful “Good Morning Theodoro” every day. Ana – You were and still are that ‘Super Sub’. Theo always looked forward to a day you were there. But you are so much more than a reliever. You are part of the fabric of Uptown Kids and we will never forget the times you just spent sitting with and comforting Theo when he was unwell or upset. Paula – Thank you for being kind and generous with everyone this last year. COVID-19 has shaped all our lives in different ways, but we appreciated your clear and open communication throughout. We also never felt that the dollar drove your actions, and for that as an owner we feel you should be commended. We wish you all the best in the future and will keep you all updated on Theo’s progress. We will all miss you, but for now it is on to a new chapter which we know you have all helped prepare Theo for! "
Ben & Robyn Roberts
"My boys went to Uptown Kids in 2019. All the Kaiako were lovely and the management was very professional and helpful. As a daycare teacher myself, the main things I look at are the ratio and staff turnover. The ratio at Uptown Kids is excellent, the owner put the staff well being and tamariki's safety first. All the kaiako have been working there for years and on my best knowledge, no one has left. I am a friend of one of the teachers, she is very happy working there, happy staff means happy children. I highly recommend this place not just because they have a great team, but the fee is VERY reasonable, you can't find any place like Uptown Kids with the same price, same quality. "
"Thank you Uptown Kids for providing a warm, caring and safe environment for Ellis and Elliot. The staff are highly experienced and very friendly. One of the core strengths of this centre is their passion for a family-like environment for children. We never experienced this level of service with other centres we tried around the Greenlane - Epsom - Newmarket area. We highly recommend Uptown Kids! "
Nic Misty Ellis Elliot
"I would like to say thank you so much Uptown Kids Child Care for all that you did for my son. It was a beautiful start for his schooling journey. You are all awesome. I appreciate it a lot. "
Jana Delacruz
"Among the many daycares to choose from in Newmarket, Uptown Kids was the one we chose for our daughter. We really appreciate the small roll as we value the intimate atmosphere of the daycare which provides a cosy and safe environment for her to play and learn. It is also nice seeing her mixing with kids of all ages. The lovely dedicated staff are all so good with the kids. A key selection criteria was finding a place where our daughter had the benefit of staff with life experience as well as formal qualifications. Uptown kids not only meets that brief but they show a genuine affection to the children which is clear to see each morning at drop off time"
Lynn Duong
"We enrolled our 11 month old son at Uptown Kids on the recommendation of a friend. We are very glad we did! Over the last two years we have been very impressed with the high level of care at Uptown Kids. It has a small roll, warm and very friendly staff and a big outdoor playing area to keep the kids entertained. We know our son is always safe when he is there. "
Katherine and Richard
"I have had all 3 of my children in Uptown Kids. They have now all left for school, and due to the care and education they have received at Uptown Kids, they are all excelling at school, fitting in socially and doing very well academically. I would highly recommend Uptown Kids. "
Paul Quickenden
"We are very appreciative of all of the care that Aronui received while at Uptown Kids – Epsom branch. We are so grateful to the teaching team for nurturing Aronui’s passions and for supporting his emotional, mental, social, and physical development. He is now well placed to launch into the next phase of his educational journey and, as parents, we know that this is in large part due to the care and support that he has received while at Uptown Kids. Thanks! "
Rachel Williamson
"We love Uptown Kids, the staff are amazing and the centre is always willing to listen and adapt what they do to cater for individual needs. We love that they are a small centre and care for our children like they are their own. We have two children with Uptown Kids currently and have also had another two children through the centre. Our older two children are in school and are thriving. They are achieving very well academically and also socially and Uptown Kids definitely had a part to play in this. We highly recommend this centre. "
The Taku family
"Our three kids went to Uptown Kids in Epsom for several years until we left Auckland. The best feature of this daycare is the dedicated caring staff. Next is the comfortable, safe and relaxed environment for the kids to learn and play. Finally, the effort the staff put in to making every day special and fun. We all miss it and thoroughly recommend Uptown Kids. "
Angela Stafford & Jarrod Dunn
"Thank you so much for the great learning experience at Uptown Kids. Indie absolutely loved all of the teachers and made so many great friends. She will miss them all so much."
Melanie Pickens
"The centre is doing well at cross culture education. It respects different social backgrounds. Even though my children were the only two Chinese at the centre, the centre still celebrated the Chinese New Year, which I think is lovely. This is a great centre for kids. I would strongly recommend it to my friends."
Mrs Du
"我有一个2岁的儿子和一个4岁的女儿,他们今年一月份进入UPTOWN KIDS CHILDCARE CENTRE。两个孩子都很喜欢这个幼儿园。在送孩子去幼儿园之前,我曾经参观过几家不同的幼儿园。最终选定这家幼儿园是因为这家幼儿园的老师对孩子很有爱心,这提供给孩子一个友好的环境。而且她们都是经验丰富的幼教。老师们很负责任,很愿意和家长交流。她们总是会第一时间让我知道孩子在幼儿园里的情况。在过去的几个月里孩子们变得更加自信和独立这让我惊喜。这个幼儿园尊重多元文化。虽然幼儿园里只有我的两个孩子是华人但是幼儿园里还是庆祝了农历新年,我觉得这是很不错的。我会很乐意推荐这家幼儿园给我的朋友们。 "
Mrs Du
"We spent quite some time investigating daycares for our 3 year old daughter and 6 month old son and knew straight away we had come to the right place with Uptown Kids. The environment was very much like a big family. The kids really enjoyed it there and really connected to the teachers despite being two very different kids. "
Tara Pryor
"Uptown Kids is a fantastic centre! Staff are professional and so wonderful with all the kids, making you feel comfortable and confident you have made the right decision for your little ones. Would definitely recommend to anyone. "
Katie Baker