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"Today is our (big) little boy Theo’s last day at your centre. We just wanted to write this note in appreciation of all the love, care and attention you have given our little man. We cannot express the gratitude we feel towards you all and we hope you know what amazing work you put in every day with the kids – and especially our little man. As first-time parents, we were overwhelmed with the challenge of finding somewhere to look after Theo with Robyn’s return to work. Especially with our slightly alternative desire to use cloth nappies and Theo’s dietary requirements. We had looked at several places before looking at Uptown Kids, but to be honest there was no competition. As soon as we entered Uptown Kids it was like we were home. Sharlene, the way you just welcomed us in with open arms, answered all our questions before we even asked them (and we had plenty to ask! Lol) and made us feel at ease and that nothing was too much to ask is just what we needed to hear. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and with the Whanau at Uptown Kids that couldn’t be truer. Theo has thrived, developed and you have all helped shape him into the beautiful, confident and caring boy he is today. And for that we will be forever grateful! On a personal note to each of you: Sharlene – You are the heart and soul of Uptown Kids. You guide the place with love and empathy, and we are so grateful that you received the best treatment because we couldn’t have imagined the place without you. Thank you for all that you are and do. Nicola – Thank you for everything. Sharing the journey with you and Jordan these past few years has been amazing, your ‘real’ conversations have really helped us. You did an incredible job steadying the ship in Sharlene absence, and we thank you for everything. Vina – We know you and Theo share a special bond. Thank you for being the kind and gentle soul that let Theo be his authentic self. We also really value the time you spent with Theo sharing your culture and language with him. 謝謝 Jess – Thank you for being that firm guiding hand at times for Theo. We truly believe as a family that both love and respect are important, and we know you were instrumental in him learning that. Thank you for the time he got to spend with your children, and for sharing your culture and language too. 謝謝 Grace – Thank you for being that loving mother figure at Uptown Kids. Thank you for showing your aroha every day through the food you prepare and even just the simple act of making sure our boy was sun smart every day. We will miss your cheerful “Good Morning Theodoro” every day. Ana – You were and still are that ‘Super Sub’. Theo always looked forward to a day you were there. But you are so much more than a reliever. You are part of the fabric of Uptown Kids and we will never forget the times you just spent sitting with and comforting Theo when he was unwell or upset. Paula – Thank you for being kind and generous with everyone this last year. COVID-19 has shaped all our lives in different ways, but we appreciated your clear and open communication throughout. We also never felt that the dollar drove your actions, and for that as an owner we feel you should be commended. We wish you all the best in the future and will keep you all updated on Theo’s progress. We will all miss you, but for now it is on to a new chapter which we know you have all helped prepare Theo for! "
Ben & Robyn Roberts
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