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Centre Manager

Bachelor of Education & 15 years experience -

I grew up in the United States, but have lived in Auckland since 2011. My husband and I have two young children who learn and grow along with us at Uptown Kids.

I am a qualified teacher with a Bachelor in Education, and have been working with children for more than 15 years.

I am passionate about people and providing a safe and thriving environment where all can learn and grow together. I look forward to meeting you and your whanau.

"我有一个2岁的儿子和一个4岁的女儿,他们今年一月份进入UPTOWN KIDS CHILDCARE CENTRE。两个孩子都很喜欢这个幼儿园。在送孩子去幼儿园之前,我曾经参观过几家不同的幼儿园。最终选定这家幼儿园是因为这家幼儿园的老师对孩子很有爱心,这提供给孩子一个友好的环境。而且她们都是经验丰富的幼教。老师们很负责任,很愿意和家长交流。她们总是会第一时间让我知道孩子在幼儿园里的情况。在过去的几个月里孩子们变得更加自信和独立这让我惊喜。这个幼儿园尊重多元文化。虽然幼儿园里只有我的两个孩子是华人但是幼儿园里还是庆祝了农历新年,我觉得这是很不错的。我会很乐意推荐这家幼儿园给我的朋友们。 "
Mrs Du
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